Teachers and Schools | Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment

Special provisions in curriculum and assessment

Schools are responsible for identifying and implementing reasonable adjustments that can be managed within the school context. For example, decisions about adjustments to school set assessment deadlines, adjustments to the number or format of tasks in a school assessment type or the granting of extra time, rest breaks, or word processors in tests and examinations can be determined and managed by schools.

The SACE Board is responsible for considering and approving requests for reasonable adjustments for eligible students in external assessments at Stage 2 that affect SACE Board processes. For example, adjustments to the font size, length, format, or colour of a SACE Board examination, extensions to the submission of results, or collection of materials for external investigations, or requests for the use of a derived result would all require action on the part of the SACE Board to be implemented. The SACE Board is also responsible for considering requests for special provisions in examinations on the grounds of misadventure and personal circumstances.

Approval for special provisions is based on information from the eligible student, his/her teachers and other school staff, and independent evidence from professionals or community members, as appropriate.