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Special provisions during COVID-19

The global pandemic, COVID-19, is an unforeseen incident affecting all of us, so is it a special provision?

Our key messages

  • The COVID-19 pandemic by itself is not the basis for a special provision.
  • Continue the learning using the existing flexibilities and adjustments to the subject outlines
  • Special provisions cannot be used in place of learning that has not occurred.
  • Special provisions only apply when a student’s ability to participate in the SACE on the same basis as other students has been profoundly impacted. This might be as a result of a COVID-19-related restriction or impact, but not just because COVID-19 exists in the world. 
  • Evidence needs to accompany a special provisions application.
  • Where a COVID-19 related restriction or impact has profoundly impacted a student’s ability to participate in the SACE on the same basis as other students, and all efforts to continue the learning and problem solve situations remain unresolved, reasonable adjustments in school assessment and external assessment may be considered by the school and enacted in line with existing processes.

SACE Coordinators and teachers - refer to Information Sheet 58 - Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment for forms and operational information.

Students and parents - for an overview and FAQs on special provisions in the SACE, go to our special provisions section of the website. 

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So when can special provisions be used for COVID-19?

The SACE Board’s policy enables the student to apply for special provisions if they have:

  • a diagnosed illness or impairment that affects their ability to participate in, or comply with, the conditions or requirements of an assessment task; for example, a physical disability, a vision or hearing impairment, a medical condition, a psychological illness, or a learning disability
  • experienced an unforeseen incident beyond their control that prevents them from completing an assessment task or examination. This may include an accident, a family death, or an interruption during the examination.

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What about if a COVID-19 impact remains unresolved?

If a solution has not been found to resolve the situation for the impacted student, special provisions should be considered. Refer to Information Sheet 58 - Special provisions in curriculum and assessment

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