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Bookings are essential to ensure that you can be accommodated in the venue and that workshop materials are available. 

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Categories SACE staff
Title Communicates effectively

Communicate clearly, actively listen to others and respond constructively.

There are two courses offered. Courageous Conversations and Business Writing Essentials.

Course: Courageous Conversations

Duration: 1 day

Audience: All People Leaders

Provider: PACE

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore the importance of Courage and why you need it in the workplace
  • Identify communication styles and needs from within your team
  • Discuss and understand examples of influential communication
  • Discover the 5-step framework to having a Courageous Conversation
  • Learn how to create rapid rapport and trust with your team
  • Consider the non-verbal cue during conversation.

Course: Business Writing Essentials

Duration: 1 day

Audience: Foundation to Advanced

Provider: PACE

Learning outcomes:

  • Practice techniques for improving your writing
  • Understand how simplicity and structure improve reception
  • Create engaging and memorable key messages
  • Create written communication that gains audience attention, agreement and action
  • Improve the persuasive impact of your writing
  • Techniques for advanced writing challenges.
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