To qualify for the SACE and to meet the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) requirement for entrance into tertiary studies, students must successfully complete a minimum of 90 credits of subjects.

All students who successfully complete SACE International and meet the requirements for the SACE are issued with the South Australian Certificate of Education. Students receive two documents:

  • The South Australian Certificate of Education — a parchment-style certificate that confirms the student's completion of the certificate requirements.
  • The Record of Achievement — a detailed record of the results the student obtained that contributed towards the completion of SACE requirements. Student levels of achievement are shown as the score received (out of 20) and a grade on a scale of A+ (highest) to E- (lowest). All students recording achievement in at least one subject, including those who do not complete the SACE, receive a Record of Achievement of their successful studies.