SACE International subjects comprise a mix of external and school assessment.

Assessment process

The external and school assessment processes in each subject combine to prepare students for future rigorous academic study in university settings.

School assessments make an important contribution to students' final results. They are moderated and undergo a number of quality assurance checks. The school assessments enable students to develop the independent learning and study skills necessary for successful university study.

External assessments, including examinations, are developed by panels under the leadership of a Chief Assessor appointed by the SACE Board. Close supervision, strong evaluative processes, and sound security measures produce high-quality and valid examination papers that fairly measure the academic achievement of SACE International students.

Students sit the final examinations using the same examination timetable used in Australia.

The examination marking process is undertaken by trained markers. ‘Double-marking' is a feature of all subjects that use essay-type responses. Most examinations use a variety of assessment modes, including multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and extended response or essay questions, thus providing an ideal opportunity for all students to demonstrate their higher level cognitive skills.

Students' completed examination scripts are sent to Australia to be marked in the same pool as those of all students from South Australia and the Northern Territory. Trained markers ensure that all students are fairly assessed and that high standards are maintained. 

Assessment standard

The assessment standard expected of SACE International students is illustrated in the subject outlines and recent past examination papers, which can be accessed from the SACE Board website.

The brochure below explains assessment in SACE International and details how the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), which is used by universities to select students into their courses, is calculated.