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Subjects and assessment

The SACE Board provides over 60 subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2. The learning and knowledge requirements are detailed in the subject outline document available for each subject. 

There is a large variety of subjects in the Arts, Business and Technology, English, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages, Mathematics, and Science.

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The SACE Board operates a standards-referenced assessment system, where student evidence is judged against established and published performance standards.

Stage 1 subjects are fully school-assessed. This means that the teacher designs tasks and assesses student work according to SACE Board guidelines and performance standards.

Stage 2 subjects comprise a mix of school (70%) and external assessment (30%).

School assessments make an important contribution to students' final results. They are moderated by the SACE Board and undergo a number of quality assurance checks.

External assessments, including examinations, are developed by panels appointed by the SACE Board. Close supervision, strong evaluative processes, and sound security measures produce high-quality and valid examination papers that fairly measure the academic achievement of SACE International students.

Students sit the final examinations using the same examination timetable used in Australia.

From 2018, students can undertake their final examinations in either March or November of any given year.


The assessment standards expected of SACE International students are illustrated in the subject outlines and recent past examination papers and exemplars, which can be accessed for each subject on the SACE website.

The SACE website provides comprehensive guidelines for school assessment (assessments set, conducted, and marked by the teacher in the school), and for external assessment (assessments set and marked by the SACE Board).

Looking for a particular subject? Use our subject search on the SACE website.