SACE International | Marketing Toolkit

Marketing materials

Choose from the following range of SACEi marketing materials to assist you at parent information nights and other school promotional events.

SACE International | How to join | Banners

Display banners

Need to attract some SACEi attention? Use these banner designs to create colourful displays with an added Australian flavour.  

SACE International | Brochures for parents

The SACEi brochure

Use this succinct four-page brochure as a hand-out at parent information sessions, school tours, or in  a mail-out to prospective SACEi families.

Global | SACE International | How to join | Capability posters

Capability posters

To brighten up your senior study areas and classrooms, download a set of SACEi capability posters, and use them to highlight the seven personal capabilities built into the SACEi curriculum.