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Politics, Power, and People Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 2.0
For teaching in 2022. Accredited in May 2020 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2021.  See subject changes for 2022.

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Capabilities | Personal and social capability

Personal and social capability 

Students extend and apply their personal and social capability by, for example:

  • developing a personal political identity and position in relation to political and moral issues through learning to understand themselves and others
  • working collaboratively in teams to tackle challenging problems that require them to develop and apply personal, interpersonal, and social skills in order to appreciate and respect their own perspective and those of others
  • analysing the underpinning social structures in Australian and global political environments while considering issues related to social inclusion
  • recognising their emotions and developing empathy for others when considering the impact of political discourse on members of communities
  • developing personal responsibility as they make informed and responsible decisions and transform these into feasible actions to contribute to civil society at various levels
  • becoming empowered to mediate, negotiate, propose, advocate, and contribute to solutions to local and global issues.