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Politics, Power, and People Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 2.0
For teaching in 2022. Accredited in May 2020 for teaching at Stage 2 from 2021.  See subject changes for 2022.

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Capabilities | Critical and creative thinking

Critical and creative thinking

Students extend and apply their critical and creative thinking capability by, for example:

  • appreciating the values of inquiry such as accuracy, clarity, depth, and breadth of treatment and relevance
  • asking relevant questions to challenge their assumptions, question the validity and reliability of sources of information, and develop a political argument using valid evidence
  • developing their ability to interpret inferences and meaning, and appreciating the nature of politics as they examine the structure of arguments in order to evaluate the claims made
  • developing a clear and holistic understanding of the underlying political issues and challenges that hinder progress toward new solutions to develop creative and defensible strategies for improving decision‑making processes, in order to serve the needs of local and global communities
  • developing their metacognitive thinking through high-level reasoning, in order to examine issues related to power and propose appropriate and innovative courses of action.