Subject information

Students demonstrate their knowledge of recording and/or sequencing skills, and develop skills of aural analysis and creativity using music technology.

Students demonstrate the application of the skills and knowledge they gain by completing a series of projects and commentaries on the projects.

Stage 1 subject code: 2MHY10

Credits: 10

Music subject outline (for teaching in 2017) [DOC 340KB]

Online submission of school assessed materials starts on 3 November.
We encourage you to practice in our sandpit now so when 3 November arrives you can say "I've got this".

Need more information? Read our sandpit guide [PDF 92KB] and FAQs and watch our instructional videos.

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Changes to moderation sample selection

From 2017, the SACE Board will no longer select Stage 2 moderation samples for school assessed materials. Teachers will select the moderation sample.

Read more about moderation sample selection, including FAQs and an instructional video.

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