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New Stage 2 music subjects will be available in 2019. These are replacing all current Stage 2 music subjects.

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Ensemble Performance

Students develop ensemble performance skills as well as aural perception, musical sensitivity, and an awareness of style, structure, and historical conventions.

They participate in regular rehearsals and performances, some of which may be outside of school hours.

Students contribute to the cohesiveness of the ensemble and engage the audience.

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  • Everyone

    Renewed Stage 2 Music subjects will be taught for the first time in 2019.

    - Music Studies
    - Music Explorations
    - Music Performance — Ensemble
    - Music Performance — Solo

    These will replace all current Stage 2 music subjects.

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    Composing and Arranging Ensemble Performance Music Individual Study Music Technology Musical Styles Musicianship Performance Special Study Solo Performance Music Studies Music Explorations Music Performance — Solo Music Performance — Ensemble
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    From 2018, Stage 2 pre-approved and school-developed learning and assessment plans (LAPs) are not submitted to the SACE Board for approval.

    Learn more about learning and assessment plans or find subject LAPs through the subject search.

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    Stage 2
  • Teachers, Coordinators

    Get to know more about PLATO, our new professional learning platform. Access it anytime, anywhere.

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    Stage 2

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Stage 2
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10 2MBL10

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