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Quality assurance in the SACE

Schools and the SACE Board use a range of quality assurance processes to assure the community that students' results are fair, valid, and reliable. SACE quality assurance processes are organised into a four-phase cycle that involves the SACE Board, principals, teachers, and students. The four phases are:

1. Planning

In the planning phase, teaching, learning, and assessment opportunities are devised to enable students to demonstrate their learning against their personal learning goals and development of capabilities. Teachers prepare a teaching and learning program and develop a learning and assessment plan.

2. Clarifying

In the clarifying phase, teachers and assessors develop an understanding of the 'completed' and 'not completed' assessment decisions..

3. Confirming

The SACE Board, in partnership with schools, quality assures students' results in modified subjects through a review process. The review is designed to ensure that a school's interpretation and application of 'completed' and 'not completed' assessment decisions in a compulsory modified subject are consistent with the state-wide interpretation before students receive their final results in the subject.

The modified subjects which allow students to meet the compulsory requirements of the SACE are:

  • Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan: Modified
  • Stage 1 English: Modified
  • Stage 1 Mathematics: Modified
  • Stage 2 Research Project: Modified

4. Improving

In the improving phase, school and SACE Board quality assurance processes are monitored and analysed to develop improvement strategies.