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Stage 1

Modified subjects are designed to allow eligible students to demonstrate their learning in a range of challenging and achievable learning experiences.

Modified subjects allow students to develop their capabilities and personal learning goals. Students learn how to identify, develop, and achieve their personal learning goals in the context of the subject undertaken. To do this, students need the support of teachers, parents/carers, and other significant people in their lives.

Students are eligible to enroll in modified subjects on the grounds of disability that results in significant impairment in intellectual functioning and/or adaptive behaviours, which:

  • cannot be addressed through reasonable adjustments under the Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment Policy
  • mean the student cannot meet, and/or provide evidence against the performance standards of a subject at C/C- level or higher because of their disability
  • are, or will be, recorded on the NCCD database as requiring extensive or substantial adjustments.

A student's achievement in a modified subject will be reported as 'completed', with the appropriate number of SACE credits. The SACE certificate will indicate that the student has achieved the SACE using modified subjects.