Electronic exams

The SACE Board of SA is introducing electronic examinations for the first time in 2018 as part of the ongoing modernisation of the SACE.

Stage 2 English Literary Studies students will be the first to use it when they sit the 1 hour 40 minute exam in November 2018; this includes 10 minutes of reading time.

Moving to electronic examinations better reflects how today’s students are learning in schools, further education and the workplace.

The SACE Board is working closely with schools and students over the next 12 months to ensure access and equity issues are addressed and that every student has a successful experience adapting to the new format.

Members of the SACE Board’s electronic exams team have begun visiting schools to introduce the new format and talk about technical readiness.

A demonstration electronic exam will be released in Term One for students, school staff and parents to try out the new format.



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