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Assessment Insider Issues

Each issue of Assessment Insider includes a varied combination of articles written by experts in their fields, a selection of case studies submitted by Certified Educational Assessors (CEA) graduates as their major assessment piece for CEA Certification, a celebration of new CEA graduates; as well as user generated hints, tips and life experiences. Each issue is designed to support teachers' growth in their assessment literacy and expertise by generating debate and discussion amongst our professional community, with the aim of inspiring change to improve student outcomes.

Issue 6, April 2019

In issue 6 of Assessment Insider we provide a wrap-up of the 2019 IEA Conference – Educating for the Future as well as copies of the presenter’s slides. We unpack the OECD’s position paper The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030. We also provide a guide to good referencing and Mari Foody discusses her project on collaborative assessment design.

Issue 5, December 2018

In this issue we provide the first in a series of articles on Gonski, looking at what it means, why it is important and what affect it will have on teaching, learning and schooling in the future, Jo Knight discusses her project to increase the knowledge and understanding of assessment within her school’s teaching cohort, and we continue to explore terminology in the educational space.

Issue 4, September 2018

In this issue, Susan-Marie Harding, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, provides a synthesis of her 2018 IEA Assessment Conference presentation on teaching self-regulated learning skills, we continue to explore terminology in the educational space, and look at a case study focused on literacy conventions for improved communication skills and assessment consistency.

Issue 3, July 2018

In this issue, we hear from Guy Claxton, Professor of Education, King's College London, who discusses some of the desirable outcomes of education developing 'successful learners', we explore terminology in the educational space, and look at two case studies focused on improving literacy.

Issue 2, April 2018

Keeping up with the pace of change

Advances in technology have created a more global society; with this comes the need for a previously unheard of fluidity in the knowledge and skills required of the workforce. It is vital that our education system continues to evolve in response to these changing demands.

Issue 1, 2017

Introducing Assessment Insider

From a concept within the SACE Review (2006) more than 10 years ago, the Institute of Educational Assessors (IEA) is today a global leader in educational assessment. Following the SACE Board's assessment philosophy and the importance placed on teachers' growth in their assessment literacy and expertise comes the launch of Assessment Insider.