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Guidelines for submission

We would love to hear from you.

Below are the guidelines for submitting content to be included in Assessment Insider.

Submissions can be sent to sace.iea@sa.gov.au.

Submissions may be edited for general spelling and grammar.

Editorials and articles

Editorials and articles are currently sought by special invitation only.

Case studies in focus

Being the major assessment piece for the CEA course, the case study is not submitted specifically for inclusion in Assessment Insider. The IEA marking panel select particular pieces and will always seek permission prior to publishing.

Assessment anecdotes

We would love for you to share your personal experiences with our readership through our Tell me about... section. Each issue will focus on a selected topic with a call for submissions sent out via the previous issue.

If you would like to contribute, please ensure your submission:

  • is anecdotal
  • is relevant to the topic in focus
  • consists of 25 words or less
  • does not include any identifiable information
  • includes your name (first name and first letter of your last name will be published; eg. Mark H)

If there are particular topics you would like to hear about, please let us know. We will endeavour to cover as many topics as possible.

Assessment Notebook

Short and sweet - Based on PDK's Highlighted & Underlined

The Assessment Notebook is a collection of highlights on assessment. These may include latest research developments, recommended reading, quotes of particular note, or ideas that we and our readers would like to share with our professional community.

The idea behind the Assessment Notebook is to generate debate and discussion, as well as provide inspiration for further personal research and professional learning.

Please ensure your submission follows the guidelines below:


  • is relevant to assessment and/or learning
  • is provided either within the content of an email or as an attached editable MS Word document


  • consists of 50 words or less
  • includes acknowledgement of any sources of inspiration (where relevant) (not included in word count)


  • consist of 25 words or less
  • include acknowledgement of the author(s) and publication in which they appeared (not included in word count)

Recommended reading:

  • consists of 200 words or less
  • contains a brief description of the publication
  • may highlight a particular chapter(s)
  • includes the title, author, publisher, year of publishing and, where possible, the ISBN

Research - where citing published research:

  • consists of 200 words or less
  • includes acknowledgement of the researcher