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Subject assessment advice and past examinations

Subject assessment advice (formerly chief assessors' reports) are based on the previous year's assessment cycle. This advice gives an overview of how students performed in their school and external assessments in relation to the learning requirements, assessment design criteria, and performance standards set out in the relevant subject outline. They provide information and advice regarding the assessment types, the application of the performance standards in school and external assessments, and the quality of student performance.

Teachers should refer to the subject outline for specifications on content and learning requirements, and to the subject operational information for operational matters and key dates.

Stage 2 | Assessment | Subject assessment advice and Past Exams

The questions on population and ecosystems in the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Geography exams include questions relevant to the 2018 subject outline.  Please note that as of 2018 the population and ecosystem questions will require longer responses and some will focus on case studies.  The questions relating to geographical skills and map skills will also require longer responses and some will have a focus on the application of these skills to make decisions.  Please refer to the 2018 Geography subject outline and 2018 Geography sample examination and marking guidelines for details of the new requirements.