First year of renewed Stage 1 Economics 2020 (green box)

2021 is the first year of teaching renewed Stage 2 Economics.

Stage 2 (in 2021)

Economics Stage 2

The Stage 2 Economics course is designed as a core topic - Thinking like an economist - and possible teaching contexts.

The teaching of economic inquiry skills, concepts, principles and models from the core topic is embedded within various contexts that are chosen to suit the student cohort. Within each context, students investigate problem-based scenarios that enable application of the skills, concepts, principles and models. Data and other information is analysed, using data analysis tools and relevant concepts, principles and models.

Teachers are encouraged to complete the Stage 2 Economics implementation PLATO course.

For general information about Stage 2 subjects, see Teaching Stage 2.

Stage 2 Economics contexts diagram

See above a visual representation of the course design.

Stage 2 | Economics | New text Zoom Meeting

Implementation workshop

01 September 2020: we held an implementation workshop via Zoom. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 to find out more.