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Title Stage 1 Drama – Implementation Workshops

The SACE Board has reviewed, renewed, and accredited the Stage 1 Drama subject outline for teaching in 2020.

Implementation activities for Stage 1 Drama are being delivered through a combination of an online Implementation course using PLATO and peer-delivered face-to-face workshops.

Teachers are expected to complete the online PLATO Implementation course before attending a face-to-face workshop.

Teachers should bring a copy of the Board-accredited, pre-edited subject outline with them to the workshop (available on the Drama minisite ).

The face-to-face workshop includes:

  • activities and reflection on refreshing pedagogy for teaching and assessing learning in Drama
  • practical learning opportunities for designing programs, learning and assessment plans, and tasks
  • student agency in the use of multimodal ways to present evidence of learning.

Please note: funding for TRTs and travel is not available for the implementation workshops.

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