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2019 is the last year of teaching Design and Technology. This subject is being renewed for 2020 and will be called Design, Technology and Engineering.

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Design and Technology — Systems and Control Products

Students develop the ability to initiate, create and develop products in response to a design brief. They learn to use tools, materials and systems safely and competently to complete a product.

Students analyse the impacts of technology, including consequences for individuals, society and the environment.

They use electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic devices, and interface components including programmable control devices.

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Stage 2 key dates

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Subject Credits Code
Systems and Control Products 10 1SSP10
Systems and Control Products 20 1SSP20
Stage 2
Subject Credits Code
Systems and Control Products I 10 2SSA10
Systems and Control Products I 20 2SSA20
Systems and Control Products II 10 2SSB10
Systems and Control Products II 20 2SSB20

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