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Subject consultation

Dance renewal

The SACE Board has a cycle of subject monitoring, review, and renewal to ensure that students have access to a relevant, contemporary, quality senior secondary education. As part of this cycle, in 2018 work began on the review and renewal of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Dance.

From this work, two subject outlines (contained within one document) have been drafted for:

  • Stage 1 Dance
  • Stage 2 Dance

It is proposed that these subjects replace the current Stage 1 Dance and Stage 2 Dance.


The renewed draft Stage 1 subject outlines are now available for consultation. These drafts are in one document, which can be downloaded. Feedback can be provided via the online feedback form.

The consultation drafts were available online from Thursday 28 March to Tuesday 30 April 2019

Consultation has now closed

Subject outline Online survey Learning and assessment plans Assessment task exemplars

Draft Stage 1 and Stage 2 Dance subject outline [PDF 861KB]

Stage 1 Dance survey Stage 1 LAP-01 [DOC 2MB]



Stage 1 Dance

Assessment Type 1: Dance Literacy

Assessment Type 2: Creative Explorations

Assessment Type 3: Dance Contexts

Stage 2 Dance survey Stage 2 LAP-01 [DOC 1.15MB]



Stage 2 Dance

Assessment Type 1: Performance Portfolio

Assessment Type 2: Dance Contexts

Assessment Type 3: Dance Literacy

Feedback from this consultation will inform final revisions to the subject outline for Board accreditation in May 2019.

  • Stage 1 Dance will be taught for the first time in 2020.
  • Stage 2 Dance will be taught for the first time in 2021.
  • Stage 1 Implementation activities will be held during Term 3, 2019.
  • Stage 2 implementation activities will be held during Term 2, 2020.