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Community Connections Stage 2
Subject outline

Version 1.0
For teaching in 2022. Accredited in June 2021. This subject replaces Stage 2 Community Studies B.
Editorial changes may be made during the implementation process.

Stage 2 | Subject outline | Approaches to programming

Approaches to programming

Schools are able to program this subject in a variety of ways. Regardless of how the program is taught in the school, all Community Connections teaching programs have two essential parts:

  • school assessment
  • external assessment

Some examples for programming school assessment include:

  • Students may enrol in Community Connections from the beginning of the year, basing their learning on some of the learning requirements for the selected Stage 2 subject.

    Teachers may:

    • use existing tasks for all students
    • adapt some or all existing tasks for individual students
    • design new tasks that relate to one or more of the learning requirements from the selected Stage 2 subject.
  • Students begin studying a Stage 2 subject, but during the course of the year, one or more of these students decides to withdraw from the subject and transfer their enrolment to Community Connections.

    Teachers use the Community Connections performance standards to:

    • reassess tasks already completed
    • assess adapted tasks
    • assess new tasks.
  • Community Connections students, focusing on a particular field of study, remain within the class, but may be taught individually.
  • All students complete a stand‑alone reflection as part of their school assessment

Some considerations for programming external assessment include:

  • students apply their knowledge, skills, and understanding of an aspect of the selected Stage 2 subject to a community context through the community application activity
  • as a guide, the student undertakes the community application activity in approximately 20 hours for a 20‑credit subject, and approximately 10 hours for a 10‑credit subject
  • where a community activity is undertaken in a group context, each student must present evidence of individual learning so that it can be assessed against the performance standards. 

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