First year of renewed Australian Languages 2020 (green box)

2019 is the last year of teaching the current Australian Languages.
2020 is the first year of teaching the three new renewed Australian Languages subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2 – Additional Language, First Language, and Language Revival.

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Australian Languages

The study of Australian Languages offers students opportunities to learn about the languages and cultures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.

Students learn about the current status of Indigenous languages in Australia and the circumstances under which they have become endangered or extinct. Students also learn about the linguistic structure of these languages.

They explore and develop an appreciation of the value of Australian languages as storehouses of cultural and social knowledge and ways of thinking for the Indigenous communities who speak and identify with them.

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  • Everyone

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    Stage 1 Stage 2
  • Teachers, Coordinators

    This year we’re starting to roll out new, streamlined subject areas on the SACE website.

    This means we're making subjects easier to navigate, while providing subject-specific information that’s relevant to each task you will perform as a teacher, at the time you need it.

    Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the changes by watching the video.

    These renewed subjects have already had their subject areas streamlined:
    Dance (Stage 1)
    Drama (Stage 1)
    Economic (Stage 1)
    Outdoor Education
    Design, Technology and Engineering
    Australian Languages

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    Accounting Australian Languages Dance Drama Economics Outdoor Education Design, Technology and Engineering
  • Teachers, Coordinators

    External assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects with an investigation will be submitted online for marking. 

    School assessment materials for all Stage 2 subjects (except Community Studies) will be submitted online for moderation. 

    More about online submission.

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    Stage 2

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Subject codes

Stage 1
Subject Credits Code
Australian Languages 10 1AGN10
Australian Languages 20 1AGN20
Stage 2
Subject Credits Code
First Language Maintenance I 10 2FMA10
First Language Maintenance II 10 2FMB10
Language Awareness I 10 2LWA10
Language Awareness II 10 2LWB10
Language Revival I 10 2LRA10
Language Revival II 10 2LRB10
Second Language Learning I 10 2SLA10
Second Language Learning II 10 2SLB10

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