Understanding assessment


As you work towards your SACE, you will need to complete different assessment tasks. Stage 1 subjects are school assessed, whereas in Stage 2 the assessment responsibility is shared between schools and the SACE Board.

Each subject has set performance standards, which allow teachers and assessors to determine how well a student has demonstrated his or her learning in each assessment task. Your grade is derived from the subject's performance standards for that assessment type.

Special provisions

If your ability to participate in, or comply with, assessment conditions is impacted by impairments, disabilities, illness, injury, bereavement, or misadventure, you can apply for Special Provisions. These allow for appropriate, fair, and reasonable arrangements to be made so that affected students can demonstrate their learning.

Your school can support you in applying for special provisions to access the specified learning and assessment requirements in the SACE Board's subject outlines.

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School and external assessment

Stage 1 subjects are 100% school assessed. Assessments are set and carried out by the school, in accordance with subject outlines. The SACE Board supports teachers in their assessment role, including through moderation of compulsory subjects.

Stage 2 subjects have two methods of assessment:

  • 70% of your work is school assessed (similar to Stage 1 subjects)
  • 30% of your work is externally assessed by SACE Board markers.

Your final result in each Stage 2 subject are therefore based largely on your school assessments throughout Year 12.

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Grades and performance standards

In the SACE, your achievement in each subject is reported using grades:

  • At Stage 1, the highest grade is A and the lowest is E
  • At Stage 2, the highest grade is A+ and the lowest is E–

Each Stage 1 and Stage 2 SACE subject has performance standards that describe five levels of achievement from A to E. All SACE teachers and assessors mark with reference to the performance standards, so that students in all classes across all schools receive comparable grades.

Performance standards are used to define how well you have demonstrated what you know, understand, and can do. You can also use the standards to help you to set goals for improvement.

Teachers will discuss the performance standards for each assessment type with you, but they can also be found in the subject outlines within each subject minisite.

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