When you study for your SACE you continue to develop capabilities to live, learn, work, and participate successfully in an ever-changing society.

The following seven general capabilities underpin the SACE:


You will extend your literacy capability by, for example, choosing and using language, engaging with a variety of texts, and communicating with a range of people in different situations.


You will extend your numeracy capability by, for example, interpreting information in diagrams, maps, graphs, and tables.

Information and communication technology capability 

You will further extend this capability by using current and emerging technologies and understanding their impact on society and the workplace. 

Critical and creative thinking 

Identifying and exploring different topics, posing and investigating questions, and organising information are some of the skills you will use to improve your critical and creative thinking capability.

Personal and social capability 

Developing confidence, self-discipline, independence, resilience, initiative, and adaptability while working in teams and dealing with challenging situations in a constructive way are some of the skills to be developed through the personal and social capability. 

Ethical understanding 

Through this capability you will gain a deeper understanding of how ethical issues are managed successfully. 

Intercultural understanding 

Learning about and developing respect for other people’s social and cultural backgrounds, to work and live together, is a key aspect of intercultural understanding. You will also explore global citizenship, and learn about the social, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity of a nation.

Handy hint

These seven capabilities are gradually replacing the five SACE capabilities of communication, citizenship, personal development, work, and learning.

This means that some subjects still emphasise five capabilities, while others already include the seven general capabilities.

Both sets of capabilities are similar. What’s important is that they help to build skills that are useful now and for the future.