Getting your SACE

Meeting the requirements

To get the SACE, you need to achieve 200 credits. Generally speaking, one semester of a subject is worth 10 credits. 

Compulsory subjects account for 50 credits of your SACE, and in these subjects you must achieve a C grade (or better) at Stage 1, or C- (or better) at Stage 2.

A grade of C- (or better) is also required for 60 credits of your Stage 2 subjects.



Requirements and compulsory subjects


  Stage 1  
Year 10 Personal Learning Plan 10
  Stage 1 or Stage 2  
Year 11 Literacy (from a range of English subjects and courses) 20
Numeracy (from a range of mathematics subjects and courses) 10
  Stage 2  
Year 12 Research Project 10
Other Stage 2 subjects and courses 60
(or more*)
  Stage 1 or Stage 2  
  Other Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects and courses up to 90

Total credits


*Many students complete subjects or courses worth more than 70 credits at Stage 2, as this can improve outcomes for applications to further study.

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Choosing your subjects

Other than the compulsory subjects, you are free to choose all of the subjects in your SACE. However, not every subject is offered at every school, so you will need to check what subjects are available at your school.

SACE subjects worth 10 credits are usually one-semester subjects, while 20-credit subjects usually involve a full year of study.

Apart from studying SACE subjects, you can also get credits by studying in other areas, such as VET or community learning.

More information

Subject Planner

The SACE subject planner is a tool used to plan your subjects for the SACE. This is something you may want to complete with your SACE coordinator or teacher and may also be part of your Personal Learning Plan (PLP), usually undertaken in Year 10.

You must be registered and logged in to Students Online to use the subject planner. If you don't have a login for Students Online, speak to your SACE coordinator. 

Access the subject planner.

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Requirements for further education

When choosing subjects for Year 11 and Year 12, remember to check if your preferred university or further education and training courses have required subjects for entry. It may be best to study Stage 1 of a subject to be successful in the Stage 2 subject the following year.

For more information, see Planning beyond the SACE.

Getting credits

So, what are credits?

10 credits
one semester of study in a subject

20 credits
a full-year subject

To complete your SACE, 
you need at least 200 credits