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The SACE Board continues to update its processes and improve the tools we provide to modern-day educators, to reflect changing ways of working. As SACE processes, such as online submission of student materials and e-exams move to a digital environment, the transition of subject outlines from document-based format to digital content is a natural progression of this work.

We consulted with over 600 teachers, SACE coordinators and school leaders to learn how our subject outlines are being used and how we could best transform them to streamlined, dynamic digital content. Our consultation process identified some key requirements, such as: 

  • easy access to version information and changes to a subject outline​ 
  • simple navigation and the ability to easily print any digital content 
  • the need to be able to access performance standards in Word document format. 

These features have been included in the new subject outline online digital content structure. 

What are the benefits?

There are significant benefits to transitioning our subjects to digital content. It enables educators and students to access specific information from the subject outline easily; interact with other relevant content on the SACE website quickly and intuitively; and access the content on any device. It also improves accessibility for those who use assistive technologies.

Introduction video

Subjects transition during 2020

  1. Stage 1 Aboriginal Studies
  2. Stage 2 Aboriginal Studies
  3. Stage 1 Accounting
  4. Stage 2 Accounting
  5. Stage 1 Ancient Studies
  6. Stage 2 Ancient Studies
  7. Stage 1 Business Innovation
  8. Stage 2 Business Innovation
  9. Stage 1 Dance
  10. Stage 2 Dance
  11. Stage 1 Design, Technology and Engineering
  12. Stage 2 Design, Technology and Engineering
  13. Stage 1 Drama
  14. Stage 2 Drama
  15. Stage 1 Economics
  16. Stage 2 Economics
  17. Stage 1 English
  18. Stage 2 English
  19. Stage 2 English Literary Studies
  20. Stage 1 Essential English
  21. Stage 2 Essential English
  22. Stage 1 Geography
  23. Stage 2 Geography
  24. Stage 1 Health and Wellbeing
  25. Stage 2 Health and Wellbeing
  26. Stage 1 Integrated Learning
  27. Stage 2 Integrated Learning
  28. Stage 1 Legal Studies
  29. Stage 2 for Legal Studies
  30. Stage 1 Modern History
  31. Stage 2 Modern History
  32. Stage 1 Outdoor Education
  33. Stage 2 Outdoor Education
  34. Stage 1 Politics, Power, and People
  35. Stage 2 Politics, Power, and People

Web Content Display (Global)

When will they be available?

Subject outlines will transition to digital content format over the next three years. Once transitioned, subject outlines will be made available in Term 4 of the year before they are taught.

We will keep the education community informed through our usual communications channels. This will include information on which subject outlines will be presented as digital content for 2021.

Which subjects have been transitioned to digital content?


Aboriginal Studies

Stage 1 Stage 2


Stage 1

Stage 2

Ancient Studies 

Stage 1

Stage 2

Business Innovation

Stage 1

Stage 2

Dance Stage 1 Stage 2
Design, Technology and Engineering Stage 1 Stage 2
Drama Stage 1 Stage 2
Economics Stage 1 Stage 2
English Stage 1 Stage 2
English Literary Studies n/a Stage 2
Essential English Stage 1 Stage 2
Geography Stage 1 Stage 2
Health and Wellbeing Stage 1  Stage 2
Integrated Learning Stage 1 Stage 2
Legal Studies Stage 1 Stage 2
Modern History Stage 1 Stage 2
Outdoor Education Stage 1 Stage 2
Politics, Power and People Stage 1 Stage 2
We will keep the education community informed through our usual communications channels as we continue the transition to digital content.

Last updated: 14/10/2020