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SACE Improvement workshops

Workshops for SACE Improvement are no longer being run. We will communicate to schools if this changes.

The SACE Board is offering a range of school workshops to support teachers to develop SACE improvement strategies that maximise student achievement.

Please indicate your interest in one or more of the workshops below. The SACE Board will then contact the SACE coordinator at your school to negotiate and arrange for the workshop(s) most suited to your school's improvement plan.

The workshops can be delivered to faculty groups, entire school staff or small groups of teachers and/or leaders. The date and location will be negotiated with your school. The duration of each workshop is approximate and can also be negotiated. Additional workshops may be developed upon request.

Available workshops

Flexibility in the SACE

Flexibility in the SACE supports schools to cater for the unique needs and pathways of individuals or cohorts of students whilst maintaining the rigour and standards required by the SACE.

Questions explored during this workshop include:

  • What does student learning 'look' like?
  • What levels of flexibility are available to schools, to teachers and to students?

Length: 2 hours

Improving writing in the SACE through the literacy capability

Student success in each SACE subject is not only about the development of subject specific knowledge and skills but also the development of subject specific language that enables students to communicate their learning.

This workshop will focus on teaching strategies to improve academic writing using the ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) literacy capability as the framework.

Length: 3 hours

Understanding moderation

Moderation helps to ensure all SACE students receive grades for their school-assessed work in line with the statewide standards. Responsibility for moderation is shared by teachers, schools and the SACE Board.

This workshop will provide school leaders and teachers with information about the moderation process. Teachers will have an opportunity to ask questions about the moderation procedures used by the SACE Board.

Length: 1 hour

Using SACE data

SACE Data provides school leaders and teachers with information that can be used to identify areas of strength and improvement. This workshop will provide school leaders and teachers with information about the various data reports provided by the SACE Board. For each report, a range of questions will be presented to support analysis by leaders and teachers.

Length: 1 hour