SACE Officer contacts

As part of the partnership between the SACE Board and schools, officers in the SACE Board's School Assessment Services group support SACE improvement in schools.

The SACE Officers Schools and the School Assessment Services group:

  • support schools to develop, monitor, and review their management systems to ensure the fairness, quality, and integrity of school assessment and external assessments
  • facilitate workshops for SACE coordinators and/or Principal's Delegates with a focus on:
    • analysing SACE data, reviewing SACE management systems, and sharing improvement strategies (Term 1)
    • managing the quality and integrity of external and school assessments and final results (Term 3)
  • approve Stage 1 learning and assessment plans submitted by schools (SA schools only)
  • assure the integrity of school assessment results, including Stage 1 and Stage 2 moderation
  • support schools to develop, monitor, and review the delivery of the SACE for individual students and in the broader school context
  • provide general operational advice about SACE policies and procedures
  • provide advice about special provisions, recognition of learning and courses, and eligibility for enrolment in language subjects, modified subjects, and English as an Additional Language subjects.

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