Quality assurance within schools — Audit tool

The SACE self-review tool for schools identifies five performance indicators for quality assurance within schools. Schools can assess their performance against each indicator to identify their strengths and inform their future planning for improvement.


Indicator 1:

School leadership team strategically plans opportunities to work with teachers to analyse qualitative and quantitative data to identify strategies that improve the comparability of teachers’ assessment decisions with statewide standards.

Indicator 2:

School leadership team prioritises collaborative planning opportunities for teachers that ensure learning and assessment plans and tasks are valid and continually improved to meet the needs of all students.

Indicator 3:

School leadership team values and orchestrates clarifying activities and expects teachers to understand the performance standards of their subject(s).

Indicator 4:

School leadership team creates and nurtures a collective culture amongst teachers to confirm the integrity of students’ results.

Indicator 5:

Principals (and school leadership team) accept responsibility for identifying and implementing practices that ensure valid, reliable, and fair student grades.


Purpose of the audit tool

The audit tool has been designed to support teachers and school leaders determine the effectiveness of school procedures that assure the integrity of students’ results. It aims to support teachers and school leaders to understand the roles and responsibilities of the school in assuring the integrity of school and external assessments. The intended outcome is to maximise student success.

By answering a series of yes/no questions, teachers and school leaders can audit the procedures for each phase of the quality assurance cycle (planning, clarifying, confirming, and improving). There is a separate audit tool for teachers and school leaders. The questions are presented on a form with fillable fields. The completed form can be printed and saved.