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SACE management conferences - February 2017

The first series of SACE management conferences for 2017 provided SACE Coordinators, principal's delegates, and curriculum leaders with an opportunity to reflect on student achievement in 2016.

Participants were provided with information about SACE modernisation developments to date and had the opportunity to discuss operational implications and develop strategies for managing changes I their schools.

The key items discussed at the conferences were:

  • data analysis
  • sharing SACE improvement strategies
  • online submission of materials for marking and moderation
  • sample selection parameters for Stage 2 moderation
  • changes to special provisions
  • SACE updates.

Additional conferences for new SACE Coordinators were also held. These conferences focused on the operational management of the SACE, including:

  • quality assurance
  • policies and procedures
  • communication strategies.

Please refer to the conference materials below to download the presentations, booklets, and handouts for the SACE management conferences and new SACE Coordinators conferences.