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SACE management conferences - August 2015

The second series of SACE management conferences for 2015 provided SACE Coordinators, Principal's delegates, and curriculum leaders with an opportunity to plan for the 2015 end-of-year results cycle. The key items discussed at the conferences were:

  • tracking and monitoring enrolments and achievement for SACE completion
  • managing due dates and submitting online results sheets
  • preparing and submitting student evidence
  • transition arrangements for redeveloped Stage 1 English and mathematics subjects in 2016
  • SACE updates and information for 2016.

Additional conferences for new SACE Coordinators focused on routine operational management of the SACE end-of-year results cycle including:

  • completion checks
  • Stage 1 and 2 moderation
  • managing examinations
  • results release.

Please refer to the conference materials below to download and print the presentations, booklets, and handouts for the SACE management conferences and new SACE Coordinators conferences.