SACE modernisation – Message from the Chief Executive

Thanks to a $10.6 million funding package in the 2016–17 State Budget, we will be modernising the SACE, to ensure it remains relevant, high quality, effective and internationally recognised in an ever-changing global context.

We know we already have an excellent qualification, but there's still much we can do to enhance the way we interact with students and schools — and really make a difference for young South Australians preparing themselves for work, training or further education.

We will, over time, modernise all key functions and procedures including online provision of teacher support (‘clarifying forums’), online moderation and marking, and, ultimately, on-screen examinations from 2018.

At the same time, we will be streamlining administrative processes, so that teachers are able to spend more time with students, and the SACE Board can focus on better supporting schools and teachers.

It follows that, as new technologies and media drive changes in teaching, learning and assessment, we also have the opportunity to strengthen SACE subjects. To that end, we will continue our program of subject renewal to ensure that subjects are contemporary, forward-thinking, and globally relevant.

These changes will happen progressively over the next five years, and we look forward to implementing this agenda of change and opportunity.

We know consultation and collaboration will be paramount, and will be working with all of our key stakeholders and partners to realise our shared goal of improving outcomes for young people in the 21st century.

Dr Neil McGoran
Chief Executive, SACE Board of South Australia

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