Educational exchange programs

SACE students who participate in an educational exchange for all or part of a year are included in this category.

Students who undertake a full-year exchange program are eligible to apply for up to 110 credits at Stage 1 (70 credits, plus 20 credits for meeting the literacy requirement, 10 credits for meeting the numeracy requirement, and 10 credits for the Personal Learning Plan).

Students who undertake an exchange program for part of the year are able to gain up to 100 credits towards Stage 1. This does not include the Personal Learning Plan.

Students will need to demonstrate that they meet the literacy and numeracy requirements as described in the SACE Accreditation, Recognition, and Certification Policy in the SACE Board of South Australia SACE Policy Framework [DOC 147KB].

Students will need to provide copies of letters advising of the exchange and subsequent certificates or final school reports or letters from the host school as evidence.

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