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Subjects being renewed

A list of subjects currently being renewed and a snapshot of future subjects.

Subjects for teaching in 2022

Ordered by date of accreditation.

Subject Status Subject outline
Stage 2 Psychology Accredited August 2020 Stage 2 Psychology Subject Outline (2022) DOC 1.5MB)
Stage 1 and Stage 2 Spiritualities, Religion, and Meaning Accredited June 2021

Implementation activities are planned for Term 4

Stage 1 Subject outline

Stage 2 Subject outline

Replaces Religion Studies from 2023.

Stage 2 Community Connections Accredited June 2021 [PDF 358 KB]  Community Connections subject outline

Replaces Community Studies B from 2022.

Stage 2 Industry Connections Accredited November 2021  Board-accredited Industry Connections subject outline (from 2022) [PDF 293KB]

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Subjects currently out for public consultation

Select a subject for surveys and draft documents such as: subject outlines, learning and assessment plans, and assessment task exemplars. Your feedback is vital to the subject renewal process, and helps shape the future subject.


Subject Period of consultation


There are currently no subjects out for consultation

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Subjects for teaching in 2023

Ordered by date of accreditation.

Subject Status Subject outline

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