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Aboriginal education

The SACE is supporting Aboriginal students to complete the qualification and develop the skills they need to succeed, while maintaining their cultural identity. The world-class SACE is opening new pathways into university, training or the workplace.

Our strategy

The SACE Board Aboriginal Education Strategy 2017-2021 aims to prepare more Aboriginal students to achieve their SACE while maintaining their Aboriginal culture and identity, as well as positioning them to succeed in their local community and as global citizens.

The strategy reflects a strong commitment from the education sector in South Australia to enhance the learning outcomes and capabilities for Aboriginal students, and the voice of Aboriginal students and their families has informed this strategy.

Helping every student finish high school

We need every student in SA leaving high school with their SACE qualification. This means all of our Aboriginal students too. Here's what we're doing to achieve this.

Posted by Susan Close MP on Sunday, 5 March 2017


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Aboriginal perspectives in subjects and support materials

Aboriginal perspectives in subjects

Each SACE subject outline contains a statement encouraging teachers to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, cultures, and perspectives in their teaching and learning program.

The Research Project is one of many subjects in the SACE where Aboriginal students can research different aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, cultures, and practices.

* This document offers suggestions to students who would like their Research Project to have an Aboriginal focus.

Support materials

Every subject has support materials available that include learning and assessment plans, annotated assessment tasks, and student responses. Here are the subjects that have a specific Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus or perspective:

Stage 1

Stage 2

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Celebrating success

The Aboriginal SACE completers' poster celebrates the successful completion of the SACE by Aboriginal students.


Aboriginal SACE Completers 2020 poster [PDF 2.6MB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2018 poster [PDF 616KB]


Aboriginal SACE Completers 2019 poster [PDF 1.3MB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2015 poster [PDF 413KB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2016 poster [PDF 787KB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2017 poster [PDF 655KB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2012 poster [PDF 745KB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2013 poster [PDF 679KB]

Aboriginal SACE Completers 2014 poster [PDF 1.1MB]

Watch the success stories of some of our Aboriginal SACE graduates and find out more about their SACE journey.







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