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Using our applications remotely


HR21 works remotely via the internet. Please use the link below to apply for, and action leave requests:


Invoices can be approved remotely by downloading the Basware App on your phone. Here’s some instructions to download the Basware App:

Please note, coding of invoices requires direct or VPN access to the Government network. 

Our finance team has set up a group of people with VPN access who can code invoices. They are: Kylie Milliken (IS), Sam Godfrey (IS), Haylee Bridle (Corporate), Alan Herman (CAG and other), Kara Hooper  (CAG and other) and Maria Mezzini  (CAG and other).  A member of this team will contact you when they receive an invoice from Shared Services that requires your action. 

To access Basware using a VPN, go to eprocurement.sharedservices.sa.gov.au/thinclient


Only some staff need access to Jira. Users can connect remotely via the internet using the Jira link below: