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'How to' resources for working remotely

There are three scenarios that have been established for staff working at home.

  1. staff use VPN to work remotely
  2. staff use a SACE device to work remotely
  3. staff using a non-SACE device to work remotely

Useful Internet Pages


Please ensure you lock your laptop/PC when away from your device and do not share information with any unauthorised people, this includes family members.

Using our phones

In transitioning to work from home, all staff are asked to forward their desk phone to their mobile. This is the quickest and easiest way to keep connected and to enable business continuity. Please follow these steps to forward your phone:

1. Pick up handset
2. Dial *1, then 0, then the phone number you are forwarding to (i.e: your mobile number)
3. The handset screen will display "Forward set"
4. To cancel it, simply pick up the handset and press the button under "FDA" displayed on the screen.

Once your phone is transferred to your mobile, your voicemail on your mobile will be the one that people will hear. Please refer to your own phone instructions on how to change the message if needed. 

Also, if you would like to make your mobile number private, please refer to your own phone instructions to block your number from being viewed by others.

What about if you need to transfer a call to another colleague? In these working conditions, it’s fair and reasonable to take the caller’s details and then send them in a message to either the person they want to speak to, or email the details to askSACE.