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Advice for students and schools

Continue the learning

All students are encouraged to continue their VET learning, working with their school and RTO to continue the work already commenced in 2020.

Schools should be aware of the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA’s) advice to training providers to continue the learning, which includes information about delivery modes and methods, sequencing of training and assessment, and specific industry area resources.

Disruption to SACE patterns - what are the options?

The SACE Board acknowledges that COVID-19 has affected VET students’ training plans, access to work places, and therefore their SACE patterns.

As part of the partnership between schools and RTOs to continue the learning, schools should consider each VET student’s SACE pattern, the units of competency towards qualifications that are likely to be completed, and determine the number of SACE credits the student requires.

Where there are gaps between what can be completed and the number of SACE credits required for SACE completion, schools should consider other SACE or VET competency options available, including Workplace PracticesIntegrated Learning, and other VET competencies that may contribute to the VET qualification, or other VET qualifications.

Recording results from the RTO

Schools should continue to enter successfully completed VET results in Schools Online in the usual way, and before the scheduled due date of 30 November 2020.

For those students who were expecting their completed Certificate III qualification to contribute towards an ATAR, for 2020 there is an additional opportunity to submit VET results after the 30 November deadline and still have them count for Round 1 University entry in 2021. These students may use the full month of December and early January to complete any remaining VET or work placement.

For the few students in this situation, please complete the VET Additional Opportunity due to COVID-19 Impact form [PDF 171KB], with evidence of what learning the student was unable to complete, and the reasons why the full Certificate III has not been completed.

Please scan and send all required information, including supporting evidence from the RTO, along with the student’s academic transcript/evidence of their current Certificate III training and final results via email to our askSACE team by Friday 8 January 2021. 

Each individual submission received after this date will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Schools are responsible for managing how this late application process for Certificate III is managed and the information provided through to the SACE Board.

Any results provided to the SACE Board after Friday 8 January 2021 will not be included in the ATAR calculation for consideration in Round 1, 2021.

These details must be submitted to the SACE Board through the Certificate III verification process and will be considered on an individual basis. A collection of units of competency towards a Certificate III qualification without the intention and best efforts to complete the qualification will not meet the requirement.

We know that the best laid plans to complete VET learning may continue to be impacted by COVID-19, so it is important to note that VET results can be submitted to the SACE Board at any time.

Even if students receive their VET results after the school year has finished, the newly acquired VET results can be submitted to the SACE Board so students can receive their SACE certificate, even after Year 12 has finished, or sometime later in the future.