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Governance structure and guiding principles

In responding to the impacts of COVID-19, the SACE Board has formed a governance structure to oversee changes to subject outlines required to enable the continuation of learning and assessment in the SACE in 2020.

Governance structure

The SACE Board has created a COVID-19 Response Sub-Committee to approve changes to subject outlines. The membership of this committee is:

  • Pam Ronan – SACE Board Member
  • Jayne Heath – Principal, Australian Science and Mathematics School
  • Emeritus Professor Iain Hay – Flinders University
  • Professor Martin Westwell, Chief Executive, SACE Board

The governance structure takes a three-tiered approach:

Change to subject outline Delegation
Minor SACE Board Chief Executive
Moderate COVID-19 Response Committee
Major SACE Board

Guiding principles

Changes to subject outlines are made using the following guiding principles.

  1. The learning is key. We made a promise to students about what they would learn and develop through the SACE and their individual subjects and we want to keep that promise. A smooth transition to their next step to University, TAFE, apprenticeship or elsewhere will depend upon the learning students do.
  2. Students will be able to achieve a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education this year, and that certificate will facilitate access to university, further education and employment. The learning that students do in Year 12 will be valuable and valued in their certificate.
  3. Recognising that students and teachers are dealing with difficulties in the way their teaching and learning is undertaken, any modifications to school assessment requirements will be made in a way that both honours the intent of the learning described in the curriculum and provides flexibility so students have the best chance of providing evidence of their learning.
  4. The SACE Board has a long-standing principle of trusting teachers' professional judgement. This is more important than ever and we are confident that teachers will use the existing and new flexibility within the SACE to maximise student learning.
  5. Fairness and equity are central to the SACE and will be taken into consideration in any decisions. The SACE Board will be vigilant for issues of equity in teaching and learning as the year unfolds through consultation with teachers, principals, the unions and others. We will work to ameliorate any equity issues and make appropriate provisions to ensure fairness.
  6. Revisions to assessment programs must not compromise the integrity of senior certification and public confidence in the credentials issued to this year’s senior students