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Stage 1 moderation and modified subjects review
Semester 2

In February, schools received an email regarding subjects requested for Stage 1 moderation/modified subjects review in 2020.

Stage 1 moderation/modified subjects review will not take place in the same format as previous years. 

The SACE Board will implement the following changes in semester 2, 2020 for the compulsory suite of subjects.

Subjects requested for moderation/review in 2020

  • All subject enrolments are results due December.
  • Moderation/Review will occur in November
  • Schools will be reminded of subjects required for moderation based on enrolments via email week beginning Monday 24 August 
  • The due date for semester 2 enrolments is 13 August

Sample selection

  • If the teaching and learning program has not yet been completed, then the moderation of results for English and mathematics subjects and the Personal Learning Plan can be based on students’ current work pending completion of the final assessment task.
  • The moderation sample can be selected from either semester 1 or 2 classes or a combination of both depending on grade representation.

Submission of materials

  • Teachers need to prepare moderation materials for electronic file transfer
  • Schools are requested to use the following filename convention:
    • 123456X-1xxx10-atx-free text
      • 123456X = student registration
      • 1xxx10 = subject code and credits
      • atx = assessment type
      • xxx = free text
  • moderation materials are to be uploaded via Kiteworks (the SACE Board sends details for the file transfer directly to participating schools).

Subjects not requested for moderation/review in 2020

  • Please result your students at the end of Semester 2.