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Stage 1 moderation and modified subjects review
Semester 1

In February, schools received an email regarding subjects requested for Stage 1 moderation/modified subjects review in 2020.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, Stage 1 moderation/modified subjects review will not take place in the same format as previous years. 

The SACE Board will implement the following changes in 2020 for these subjects:

Subjects requested for moderation/review in 2020

  • Subject enrolments resulted in June will be changed to results due December by the SACE Board and schools will be notified by email.
  • Moderation/Review will occur in Semester 2

Subjects not requested for moderation/review in 2020

  • Please continue to result your students at the end of Semester 1.

The SACE Board will check if any Stage 2 student is at risk for SACE completion and will work with those schools directly to ensure no student is disadvantaged.

Please note the due date for Stage 1 enrolments (results due June) was Wednesday 1 April. SACE Coordinators are requested to ensure that all classes for Stage 1 subjects and Modified subjects are finalised in Schools Online by Thursday 9 April (last day of Term 1) to enable the above arrangements to occur.