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Final moderation (on site) — Stage 2 Physical Education
Information sheet 08

Details about the distribution of results sheets and the final moderation (on site) of Stage 2 Physical Education.

For Stage 2 Physical Education, Assessment Type 1: Practical is moderated on site.

The SACE Board sends school assessment results sheets (mauve) for the practical early in Term 3.

Students are required to complete three practicals, at least two of which must be centrally developed practicals. All three practicals for Assessment Type 1: Practical must be completed prior to final moderation (on site).

The moderator views the performance of a sample of students in the assessment group in two of the three practicals completed for this assessment type.

To nominate preferred dates, teachers complete and submit Stage 2 Physical Education preferred dates for final moderation (on site) — Assessment Type 1: Practical in early April.

In any combined assessment group where more than three practicals are being offered across the group, the SACE Board moderates only two of the practicals (usually the practicals with the largest numbers of students). Any additional practical performances required for the moderation process must be recorded by video and submitted on the day of moderation for review by the SACE Board.

When there is more than one school in an assessment group, students from all schools are moderated together on site.

Advice for teachers

Teachers record results and select students to be included in the moderation sample for Assessment Type 1: Practical according to the sample selection parameters in Moderation sample selection and preparation, which are listed on the school assessment results sheets supplied by the SACE Board.

The columns on the school assessment results sheets (mauve), reading from the left, are labelled:

  • ‘Student Name’ — listing students’ names alphabetically
  • ‘Registration’ — listing the students’ SACE registration numbers
  • ‘School Grade’ — a blank column in which the teacher records student results from A+ to E– for Assessment Type 1: Practical (i.e. an overall school grade for the three practicals combined)
  • ‘Sample’ — a blank column in which the teacher selects the students whose practicals are to be included in the moderation sample
  • ‘Mod Use Only’ — a blank column used by the moderator to record moderated results from A+ to E– for Assessment Type 1: Practical
  • ‘Withdraw’ — shade the bubble in this column to withdraw a student’s enrolment in a subject (‘Withdrawn’ is not printed on the student’s Record of Achievement).


  • To add a new enrolment and result, handwrite the student's name, registration number, and result on the results sheet.
  • Teachers must check that there is a result for all students in the assessment group and that all information on the school assessment results sheet (mauve) is accurate before the results sheet is signed by the teacher and the principal or the principal’s delegate.

The Stage 2 subject operational information in Physical Education provides specific information on recording final results and selecting student practicals for the moderation sample.

Submitting results

Teachers present the results sheet(s) (mauve), which have been signed by the principal or the principal’s delegate, to moderators at the start of final moderation (on site). Moderators record the outcome of moderation on the results sheet(s) and return them to the SACE Board. The outcome of moderation is not discussed with the teacher or the school. Schools receive data reports on the outcome of the moderation process, through the principal, at the time of results release.

Variations in the sample

At times there may be student(s) in the assessment group:

  • suffering from an injury on the day of final moderation (on site)
  • granted special provisions by the school for a practical(s)
  • in breach of the rules for a practical(s)
  • who did not complete a practical(s).

In these situations the teacher should select another student whose performance reliably demonstrates achievement at a particular grade level. However, sometimes it is necessary to include a student(s) in the sample whose practicals are atypical (e.g. a student whose practical combination has been varied through implementation of special provisions, and the student has a result of A+ or is the only student with a result at a particular grade level — see Moderation sample selection and preparation). When an atypical sample is included in the moderation sample, the teacher, in consultation with the principal’s delegate or the SACE coordinator, completes Form 27 and submits it to the moderator, indicating the reason(s) for the variation in the sample.

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Video evidence

The SACE Board will accept video evidence of students performing in one or both of the practicals to be viewed for moderation.

Teachers are encouraged to video students performing in their sports during the year so that evidence is available for moderation if:

  • a student is injured or absent on the scheduled moderation date
  • weather conditions prevent moderation proceeding.

Teachers might consider presenting video evidence for moderation so they don’t need to revisit practicals that have been completed earlier in the year.

Teachers should refer to Video evidence guidelines for advice on how to provide the clearest possible video evidence of student performance.

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Moderation schedule

Final moderation (on site) of Assessment Type 1: Practical for Stage 2 Physical Education will take place during Term 3.

The moderation schedule will be published online late in Term 2.

Once published by the SACE Board, the date for moderation (on site) will be changed only in exceptional circumstances. Any requests to change the date should be submitted in writing to the Executive Manager, Curriculum and Assessment through the SACE/NTCET coordinator and the principal.

Schools that combine classes to form an assessment group with one or more schools after submitting their preferred dates for final moderation (on site) must immediately notify the relevant SACE officer to ensure that the classes are moderated as an assessment group.

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