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Leadership team

The SACE leadership team carries out the functions of the Board as set down in the legislation and implements the Board's decisions.

Chief Executive

Professor Martin Westwell

Martin Westwell - SACE Board

Building on his research career at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Martin and his family moved to South Australia in 2007. Here, he took up the position of Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century and then Strategic Professor in the Science of Learning at Flinders University. His children attended public schools in South Australia.

Martin was a Chief Investigator in the national Australian Research Council (ARC) Science of Learning Research Centre, collaborating with classroom teachers to use principles from cognitive science in the development of pedagogical approaches and assessment practices. He was one of only two recipients of a $1m education grant from the Australian Space Research Program, collaborating with schools to develop ways of using earth observation technologies in students’ SACE Research Projects. His research has included the development of electronic assessment items, the use of machine learning to interrogate large education data sets, and the use of mobile eye-tracking technology to better understand how students allocate their attention. He has worked with UNESCO using evidence to inform strategic planning of education in the Asia-Pacific region and has been a member of the steering group of their research network.  

In 2018, Martin received the prestigious Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ (ACEL) Gold Medal, awarded for the most outstanding contribution to the study and practice of educational administration and leadership.

Martin has worked extensively with education systems and other organisations in using evidence to inform policy, practice, innovation and impact in education. He was a Board Member of the SACE Board for five years before taking on the role of Chief Executive.

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Corporate Services

Snezana Maio
Executive Manager, Corporate Services

Snezana Maio - SACE Board

As Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Snezana is responsible for:

  • leading and managing the Corporate Services Group
  • achieving strategic priorities and key deliverables in the areas of communications, finance, human resources, procurement, records management, protective security, facilities management and front-line customer service
  • ensuring the development of policies, procedures and priorities in the abovementioned functions and compliance with legislation and Government policy and mandates
  • leading strategic Corporate Services projects and change initiatives.


Deborah Cooper
Manager, Communications

Deborah Cooper

As Manager, Communications, Deborah is responsible for:

  • leading and managing the Communications team
  • promoting the reputation of the SACE Board locally, nationally and internationally
  • ensuring the SACE Board’s services, programs and events are promoted
  • leading the development and implementation of corporate communication policies, procedures and guidelines


Alan Herman
Team Leader, Finance, Risk and Audit
(Chief Finance Officer)

As Team Leader, Finance, Risk and Audit, Alan is responsible for:

  • managing the SACE Board’s budget and assets
  • developing and implementing fiscal strategy
  • ensuring compliance with financial reporting requirements
  • procurement, risk management, audit and strategic planning functions
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Curriculum and Assessment

Jan Raymond
Executive Manager, Curriculum and Assessment

Jan Raymond - SACE Board

Jan is responsible for the leadership and management of the Curriculum and Assessment Group.
This entails ensuring the effective management of the achievement of the strategic plan, strategic priorities and organisational key performance indicators in the areas of:

  • curriculum development, review and accreditation
  • assessment and quality assurance programs for school assessment and external assessment (for schools in South Australia, Northern Territory and Asia)
  • Policy formulation and implementation
  • representing the SACE Board on across Government panels, involving state and national curriculum and assessment initiatives
  • leading curriculum and assessment projects and change initiatives ensuring best practice and quality standards are implemented.


Luke Nash
Manager, Curriculum and Assessment

As a Manager, Curriculum and Assessment, Luke:

  • leads and manages the production of Stage 2 external examinations, including electronic examinations
  • manages Stage 1 and Stage 2 subject support
  • leads and manages the implementation of renewed subjects
  • works collaboratively with key internal and external stakeholders to manage a range of key functions in the curriculum, assessment and quality assurance processes across the Curriculum and Assessment Group.


Meridie Howley
Manager, Curriculum and Assessment

Meridie Howley - SACE Board

As Manager, Curriculum and Assessment, Meridie:

  • leads and manages the subject renewal process, which includes liaison with the sectors, reviewing, drafting, consultation, and accreditation
  • leads and manages the assessment and quality assurance processes for Stage 2 investigations, including online submission
  • works collaboratively with key internal and external stakeholders, including the Northern Territory, to manage a range of key functions in the curriculum, assessment and quality assurance processes across the Curriculum and Assessment Group.


Cathy Schultz
Director, SACE International

Cathy Schultz - SACE Board

In her role as Director, SACE International, Cathy:

  • develops and manages strategic directions for the SACE International program, and represents the SACE Board locally, nationally, and internationally in international education
  • provides consultancy advice, and establishes, maintains, and grows relationships with schools and educational institutions in countries outside Australia
  • nurtures educational opportunities in collaboration with Australian and overseas government, educational and commercial organisations
  • designs curriculum/education programs with schools and educational institutions outside Australia, and provides professional development to staff and educators who deliver the SACE International Program
  • leads teams of consultants involved in the support and delivery of the SACE International Program


Hassan Mekawy
Manager, Curriculum and Assessment

Hassan Mekawy - SACE Board

As Manager, Curriculum and Assessment, Hassan is responsible for:

  • leading and managing professional learning programs related to SACE curriculum, assessment and quality assurance
  • developing strategies and processes which engage others and build professional learning in collaboration with school sectors, and other partners and stakeholders
  • coordinating the identification of professional development priorities in collaboration with the school sectors, school leaders, and SACE Board groups
  • managing the monitoring and evaluation of professional learning programs and providing strategic advice to the SACE Board and school sectors.
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Information Services

Michaela Bensley
Executive Manager, Information Services

Michaela Bensley - SACE Board

As Executive Manager, Information Services, Michaela is responsible for:

  • the development of policies for, and overall management of the SACE Board's data and information technology systems
  • ensuring the successful and timely delivery of SACE results, data and information
  • the provision of efficient and effective information services to meet customer needs
  • the development and implementation of an information services strategy to meet the long-term goals of the SACE Board.


Claire Tola
Manager, Results and Information Management

Claire Tola - SACE Board

As Manager, Results and Information Management, Claire is responsible for:

  • providing leadership and management of the SACE Results team
  • ensuring the accuracy and timely release of SACE results
  • providing high level policy advice regarding the integrity and use of SACE data
  • liaising with school sectors, higher education and the training sector to meet their business needs
  • developing data and IT systems and processes associated with the implementation of SACE Board policy.


Simon Thompson
Manager, ICT Services

Simon Thompson - SACE Board

As Manager, ICT Services, Simon is responsible for:

  • providing leadership and management of the Applications, Infrastructure and IT Security capabilities
  • leading the development and implementation of plans, policies, standards and directions for the delivery of ICT services
  • achieving the SACE Board’s digital business objectives and ensuring the core ICT functions are reliable, stable and efficient
  • managing external services providers and suppliers providing ICT related services to the SACE Board.
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