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Recognition of Learning

In the first phase of this project, a revitalised VET Recognition Register was completed in February 2021 to coincide with the beginning of the school year. This phase incorporated stakeholder engagement initiatives including:

The policy for recognition of VET in the SACE has been further enhanced to recognise Skills Sets from nationally endorsed training packages. These Skill Sets are now included in the VET Recognition Register.

The addition of Skill Sets in the SACE complements the SA Government’s VET for Secondary Students policy to provide students with increased pathway opportunities. This also responds to industry needs and concepts for ‘stacking’ relevant and appropriate learning in shorter forms of VET credentials.

Alongside Flexible Industry Pathways (FIPs) and stackable VET options like Skill Sets, SACE has endorsed a new Industry Connections subject that values practical skills and knowledge in and about an industry. Industry Connections provides opportunities for students to develop, practice and refine skills that enable them to explore and support their career pathways, capabilities and employability skills, particularly where VET options may no longer be accessible, available or appropriate.

The benefits of the revitalised VET Recognition Register include the ability for teachers and students to intuitively find the right information to support student pathways through the SACE, and for students to make informed choices on transferable skills and career pathways.

What’s next?

The next phase will include a broad exploration of innovations to the SACE recognition policy to enable students to customise their SACE in ways that places the student at the centre of their Thrive journey.