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Learning Transfer

The ability to transfer learning is one of the six elements of a thriving learner. The ability to skilfully use past and current learning and then apply it in dynamic ways to new learning is essential for students to thrive.

The initial stages of the Learning Transfer project focused on identifying the nature of current SACE examination questions that prompted the transfer of learning. Innovative prototypes were then developed to identify future questions that would further elicit transfer of learning, while leveraging the interactivity of electronic environments.

This work was followed by a broad-scoping review of relevant literature and an audit of past SACE Stage 2 examinations, leading to a series of dimensions that can identify learning transfer in assessments.

This concept supported SACE staff to understand how the transfer of learning related to curriculum and assessment in their daily work. The internal socialisation and development of assets has in turn supported professional learning activities for staff.

What’s next?

Recently schools have been engaged to test a prototype of a secondary Chemistry booklet as part of the SACE Stage 2 revision. The booklet included the categorisation of the maturity of learning as identified by the Near/Far learning transfer model. Work on this project will be extended in 2022 with the support of the SACE Change Network and community stakeholders.