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Capabilities and Learner Profile

The SACE Board’s Learner Profile project introduces the measurement of capabilities alongside academic achievement (grades, ATAR) to provide a more holistic view of graduates’ achievements.

This project is central to the SACE Board’s commitment to enable all students to thrive through provision of a connected, future-focused, and internationally sought-after qualification.

The Learner Profile will provide a demonstration of student’s capabilities to enable them to better match with potential employers and further education providers.

Pilot Phase

The Learner Profile project is currently preparing the next phase of its first pilot in Semester 2 2022 with approx. 30 schools and 100 teachers across all sectors.

In addition to the schools, SATAC, tertiary institutions, employers and industry bodies are key project partners, assisting the SACE Board to investigate how the Learner Profile can inform tertiary entry processes and enable graduates to better match with potential employers.

During the pilot phase, the project team are working collaboratively with stakeholders, actively engaging with them to gain feedback and develop prototypes. These include:

  • identifying a suite of five SACE capabilities
  • creating capabilities curriculum maps
  • developing assessment protocols and artefacts
  • software development to create a Learner Profile dashboard on Schools Online
  • exploring data visualisation to develop a graphic representation of each students’ Learner Profile
  • working with university admissions to pilot an entry process into tertiary courses

What’s next?

Analysis and evaluation will be undertaken directly following the conclusion of the pilot. Learnings and insights will be shared and will inform further development and future pilot projects in 2023 to progress towards an optimal model for broad implementation.

Participating in the pilot programs provides schools with the opportunity to shape the new subject model. Participation involves a deeper dive into the pilot evaluation and findings, orientation around the expectation of the pilot, teacher professional learning, provision of support materials and a high level of support from the SACE project team.

Schools will be able to express interest in the 2023 pilot during Semester 2 2022.