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Revitalisation of RP and PLP

Following feedback received from schools and the community in the 2018 SACE Stage 2 Review [PDF 2MB]  the SACE Board began to redesign two key SACE subjects:

  • Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan, to be replaced with Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF)
  • Stage 2 Research Project, to be replaced with Activating Identities and Futures (AIF)

These revitalised subjects support the SACE Board’s promise to shape education so that students thrive

Leading educational practice around the world is looking at how a student's attitudes and dispositions - their capabilities - can be supported to help them navigate through to adulthood. Successful learning and the ability to thrive is not purely based on academic results. Every student is unique, and the revitalised subjects are designed to allow each student to build upon their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

The intention behind the new subjects is to assist students to recognise their individual strengths and see that the purpose and value of learning is much more than knowledge and grades. Through EIF and AIF students will:

  • explore identity and belonging
  • develop agency
  • pursue and develop an area of interest that matters to them

In Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF) students will lead their own learning and use a self-directed approach to move away from the old ‘what do you want to do’ and towards ‘who do you want to be.’

Then in Activating Identities and Futures (AIF), students will follow their own unique interests and ways of thinking to progress their understanding and learning. Instead of following the usual methods of research, students will come up with their own ways to solve a problem.

The two new subjects will meet the requirements for SACE completion, and AIF will have Tertiary Admission Subject (TAS) status and can contribute to the calculation of the ATAR.

Pilot Phase

The Revitalisation of RP and PLP project is currently in PILOT phase. EIF and AIF are being trialled in around 50 government, independent and Catholic schools across South Australia (Semester 1, 2022). The pilot schools have been teaching the pilot subject outline and testing the shift in teacher practice in a live environment.

Throughout the pilot, participating teachers share their experiences and are guided within a community of practice framework. Insights gathered will help the project team to further refine and enhance the subjects.

What’s next?

Analysis and evaluation will be undertaken directly following the conclusion of the pilot. Learnings and insights will be shared and will inform further development and future pilot projects in 2023 to progress towards an optimal model for broad implementation.

Participating in the pilot programs provides schools with the opportunity to shape the new subject model. Participation involves a deeper dive into the pilot evaluation and findings, orientation around the expectation of the pilot, teacher professional learning, provision of support materials and a high level of support from the SACE project team.

Schools will be able to express interest in the 2023 pilot during Semester 2 2022.

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NOTE: Personal Learning Plan, Research Project A and Research Project B will continue to be offered in non-pilot schools in 2023.