Leadership team

Dr Neil McGoran, Chief Executive

The Chief Executive of the SACE Board is responsible for the leadership and management of the SACE Board of South Australia's policies and for the provision of its curriculum, assessment, certification, reporting and data/information services.

The Chief Executive's responsibilities focus on:

  • accountability to the Board for the achievement of its legislative responsibilities to improve student access, participation, achievement and completion of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
  • strengthening relationships and partnerships with stakeholder groups and ensuring the SACE Board of South Australia's consultative and engagement mechanisms contribute to the effectiveness of the Board's policies and strategies
  • leadership and management of the SACE Board of South Australia programs and staff
  • representation of the SACE Board of South Australia at senior levels in state, national and international forums in relation to senior secondary curriculum, assessment and certification.

Ms Michaela Bensley, Executive Manager, Information Services

As Executive Manager, Information Services, Michaela is responsible for:

  • the development of policies for, and overall management of the SACE Board's data and information technology systems
  • ensuring the successful and timely delivery of SACE results, data and information
  • the provision of efficient and effective information services to meet customer needs
  • the development and implementation of an information services strategy to meet the long-term goals of the SACE Board.

Ms Jan Raymond, Executive Manager, Curriculum and Assessment

As Executive Manager, Curriculum and Assessment, Jan is responsible for:

  • the policies and overall management of the quality of school-based assessments for the SACE
  • managing quality assurance procedures for the consistent application of performance standards in Stage 1 and Stage 2 school-based assessments
  • providing assistance to schools to strengthen school-based assessment practices including:
    • providing feedback/information to schools at key points of the assessment/moderation cycle to strengthen the use of performance standards
    • using statistical systems to monitor and oversee the investigations into significant variations between the external and school-based assessment of Stage 2 subjects
    • managing the systems for timely and, where appropriate, decentralised approval of SACE learning assessment plans and local programs.

Ms Snezana Maio, Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Services

As Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Snezana is responsible for:

  • leading and managing organisational development policies and practices of the SACE Board
  • providing a comprehensive service to clients and the organisation for strategic and operational human resource management
  • providing comprehensive financial management services within the organisation
  • providing an administration service to support the efficient and effective functioning of the SACE Board.

Ms Claire Tola, Manager, Results and Information Management

As Manager, Results and Information Management, Claire is responsible for:

  • providing leadership and management of the SACE Results team
  • ensuring the accuracy and timely release of SACE results
  • providing high level policy advice regarding the integrity and use of SACE data
  • liaising with school sectors, higher education and the training sector to meet their business needs
  • developing data and IT systems and processes associated with the implementation of SACE Board policy.

Ms Kate Cooper, Manager, Learning and Assessment Design

As Manager, Learning and Assessment Design, Kate is responsible for:

  • providing a leadership role in the development, management, and implementation of curriculum, assessment, and quality assurance systems, including:
    • leading and managing the SACE Board's policies, procedures, and agreements in relation to curriculum and assessment, including accreditation and recognition of SACE subjects, programs, and courses
    • leading the SACE Board's cycle of curriculum development, accreditation, and review
    • managing the processes for interpreting and implementing the senior secondary Australian Curriculum
    • leading and managing assessment and quality assurance processes for external assessment and other learning
    • coordinating analysis of the operational implications of curriculum, assessment, and quality assurance processes for schools, school sectors, other providers, and the SACE Board.

Mr Dave Harris, Manager, ICT Services

As Manager, ICT Services, Dave is responsible for:

  • leading and managing people and resources of the ICT Services team
  • providing stable, robust and sustainable ICT systems to support SACE Board policies and practices
  • exploring opportunities for more effective and efficient ways to support SACE functions using technology
  • managing the effective resolution of all major ICT incidents and outages.

Ms Cathy Schultz, Manager, Moderation and Standards

As Manager, Moderation and Standards, Cathy is responsible for:

  • leading and managing the SACE Officers-School team to provide feedback and information to school personnel at key points in the assessment cycle
  • leading and managing the assessment and quality assurance processes for school assessment and other learning
  • managing assessment and quality assurance support for the Northern Territory.

Mr Hassan Mekawy, Manager, Professional Learning and Networks

As Manager, Professional Learning and Networks, Hassan is responsible for

  • leading and managing professional learning programs related to SACE curriculum, assessment and quality assurance
  • developing strategies and processes which engage others and build professional learning in collaboration with school sectors, and other partners and stakeholders
  • coordinating the identification of professional development priorities in collaboration with the school sectors, school leaders, and SACE Board groups
  • managing the monitoring and evaluation of professional learning programs and providing strategic advice to the SACE Board and school sectors.